Top 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes Every Brand Makes and How You Can Avoid it

Businesses around the world are increasing their digital marketing investments as it is an effective way to increase lead generation and sales. By 2023, it is even projected to reach a global spending of $146 billion by marketing departments alone. Despite the benefits of digital marketing, several businesses are simply burning through money and not achieving the desired results. This can cause long-term damage to your business. Here are some of the common mistakes that every marketer should avoid.

Here are some of the common mistakes that every marketer should avoid:

1. Not Having a Clearly Defined Audience
Some business owners believe that a net wide way of expanding the market and reaching more customers will bring in greater revenue. But this approach has its flaws as it deters them from deeply understanding their actual prospective customers and their buying patterns. The best approach is to segment your market into different customer types such as demographically and talk to them via social media to know what they are interested in, either through forums, surveys or polls.

2. Focusing on the Number of Followers
When it comes to social media, no company wants to have less followers. However, a high number of followers doesn’t always lead to greater success. In this case, the right type of content always leads to more engagement than a competitor only focusing on their following. Therefore, it is important to create engaging and original content that caters to the audience and organically grow your brands social media accounts.

3. Campaigning Without a Strategy

According to the Content Marketing Institute, only 32% of marketers have a content marketing strategy. The lack of vision is a grave digital marketing mistake made by all types of businesses. This can make the campaign difficult to manage and measure. Therefore, it is important to set SMART goals and outline the tools to track your progress. This will help you view your results and fine-tune your strategy for greater rewards and success of the campaign.

4. Reckless Spending On Paid Ads
The Association of National Advertisers state that only 25% of the money spent on digital ads find the right people. With PPC marketing available on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook among others, you can grow your traffic and conversations in a rewarding way. However, without a solid marketing strategy, this process can come at a cost. Before you make this mistake, it is necessary to target your ads among different age groups, interest, income levels and other categories that suit your product or service and test out different formats to find a suitable strategy.

5. Lack of Visuals on Posts
Having superior content and visuals can help to captivate the audience’s attention online. If you were to have a business page with sponsored posts and the images were poor quality, then people would click off your website even if the product you’re offering is innovative and useful. Therefore, the quality of the image, website layout and content should be perfect for the customer.

6. Expecting overnight results
Digital marketers often get demotivate when they don’t see results immediately from their campaigns. However, it must be noted that SEO practices usually take effect after 2 months or more while ads can take up to a week to gain attraction.

7. Not using case studies as stories
According to a study, 60% of Business-to-Business buyers look for testimonials. This is one mistake to avoid as case studies are quite powerful in lead generation and can drive buyers to purchase your products.

8. Over promoting your brand

Being overly promotional can sometimes be a turn off and drive customers away on social media. It is important to highlight the brands unique selling points but also focus on building online relations through content that the audience needs.

9. Not having an objective
When it comes to digital marketing, it is important to set a budget and align your objectives with your business goals. These goals should be measurable, timely and realistic.

10. Using every social media platform
Brands often stretch themselves across many social media platforms and promote their products. However, some do not dedicate enough time and resources equally which makes leads to less positive efforts. Therefore, brands should create a roadmap and strategize to gain the greatest ROI for their company.

Now that you know some of the key mistakes that digital marketers make, you can try and test out each of these recommendations yourself to see if it makes a difference to your brand.

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