Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, social media continues to stay relevant. Several businesses in Dubai and around the world have used social media marketing strategies to generate brand awareness.

Social media marketing plays a crucial role in an ever-changing city like Dubai, because of how easily it can convey information to a large audience while also attracting customers. 

Businesses must modify the way product information is delivered online to effectively harness the power of social media.

Here are 4 ways to effectively promote your business using social media:


1.  Boost Engagement By Creating More Video Content 

Studies show that when watching a video, people retain 95% of the material, compared to 10% when reading text. 

Visual content is not only easier to understand, but also more engaging. According to the most recent statistics from January 2021, TikTok has 689 million users. 

Several businesses have used TikTok as a social media marketing technique, resulting in a high level of audience engagement. Furthermore, these brands have acquired a sizable following, clientele, and support. 

While traditional Instagram image posts may appear to fit better on a feed, video content has the potential to significantly engage a crowd

Furthermore, it enables brands to communicate ideas uniquely while also assisting in the formation of connections with the audience.


Social Media Marketing Strategy: Image 1


2. Invest in Authentic Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become a popular type of social media marketing. When the concept was introduced initially, the authenticity of influencers was questioned and discussed much less because of how unique the marketing technique was.

Since then, however, consumers have gotten more aware which is why brands need to choose the right kind of influencers.

Long-term brand partnerships with creators who value your brand are more significant and influential than a creator who will promote your product artificially because it generates a trustworthy relationship with your audience. 

Coppasta, an Italian restaurant in Downtown Dubai, used an influencer marketing strategy to promote their dine-in and delivery services.

The brand focused on micro-influencers, which resulted in a higher ROI because these influencers promoted Coppasta in more authentic ways and had higher engagement rates. Furthermore, the cost of hiring them was lower.


Social Media Marketing Strategy: Image 2


3. Avoid Designing Pushy Advertisements

Social media users are bombarded every day with various kinds of advertising. Due to the frequency of their appearance, users have become immune to pushy ads.

Potential or existing customers rarely consider high production quality or beauty in advertisements, because they usually know what they want to purchase and can see a pushy sale in the first few seconds.

Brands can avoid overwhelming their consumers and market their products more naturally by attempting to create more organic advertisements and campaigns.

Fitness apparel and accessories brand, Gymshark is a great example of organic brand campaigns. In light of the new year, Gymshark announced the #Gymshark66 challenge. 

Not only did #Gymshark66 generate over 500,000 Instagram posts, but also allowed Gymshark’s audience to connect with the brand regardless of their location.

The brand posted weekly challenges and workouts for people to follow, as well as requiring participants to stay active every day and post about it. Near the end of the challenge, the brand selected 66 winners.


4. Incorporate User-Generated Content In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

User-Generated Content is a highly beneficial social media marketing tool for brands due to its innovative strategy, and cost-effectiveness. UGC includes social media posts, testimonials, photos, videos, tweets, blog posts, etc.

It enables the audience of the brand to share their thoughts and ideas while also promoting the brand. Moreover, it drives traffic which helps in increasing conversions. The genuine nature of the concept is what makes it such a game-changer.

Fitbit’s “#MyReasonIs” campaign asked people what motivated them to engage in fitness and how Fitbit helped them achieve their goals. Not only did the campaign allow Fitbit users all over the world to share their stories, but it also effortlessly promoted the brand’s product.


Social Media Marketing Strategy, Infographics Of All Tips Summarized


To be on top of your social media game as a business owner, you need to choose a well-reputed digital marketing agency that will offer you all forms of digital communication services and a marketing agenda. 

This will help you run your campaigns smoothly and here is where we at Strategic Infinity step in. 

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